Universal Etiquette


Children's and Youth Etiquette

Children's and Youth Etiquette

Universal Etiquette’s  Children and Youth Etiquette interactive programs teach children, teenagers and adolescents good manners, courtesy and respect for others. The programs are thoroughly researched and tested to help nurture today’s children and adolescents into tomorrow’s confident professionals and focused on three age groups:

      Ages 8-12                          Ages 13-17                         Ages 18-22

Through role-playing exercises, we teach children and teenagers good manners and proper etiquette, increasing awareness of civility and their leadership skills.

Attending our programs, a student or young professional will learn:

•    How to introduce himself of herself with confidence
•    To shake hands with ease
•    How to use good telephone etiquette
•    How to write a thank-you note
•    How to have good table manners and use a napkin

•    How to eat in the American and Continental Styles
      and much more...