Why teach etiquette classes to students & young professionals of ages 18-22?

•    Prepare them to transition into adulthood
•    Acquire interview skills
•    Learn work ethics and take responsibility
•    Speak professionally
•    Navigate the world on their own

Children's and Youth Etiquette

Why teach etiquette programs to children of ages 8-12?

•    To be the first to impact them
•    To boost children’s social skills and   confidence
•    To build respect for themselves and others
•    To help develop leadership qualities
•    To give structure, instruction, and discipline

        Universal Etiquette

What will teenagers of ages 13-17 gain from etiquette programs?

•    Positive directions at this time in their lives
•    Help with self-esteem and identity issues
•    Ability to sustain peer pressure
•    Healthy ways to interact with opposite sex
•    Inspiration to have career goals