Universal Etiquette


Dining Skills

When a person is equipped with formal training and proper dining etiquette, s/he is able to adjust his/her skills for any situation...

Formal Wait Staff Training

A wait staff’s etiquette and professionalism in a restaurant or during an event in a banquet hall is as important as the quality of food, atmosphere, location...

The terms Etiquette and codes of behavior are sometimes considered old-fashioned, outdated concepts. However, the new terms social skills or soft skills and cultural intelligence are universally accepted and considered essential concepts in the workplace and throughout all aspects of society. Whichever terms are used, they all translate to the same meaning — good manners, and good manners are always in fashion.

Etiquette is essential in all aspects of life. Whether in an office, an international business meeting, a restaurant, and most definitely in schools, classrooms, and playgrounds, or even at home, it is essential to employ etiquette.

Lack of proper etiquette training contributes to common problems that individuals face within society and throughout their lives. Research shows that adults, who have taken etiquette classes as children and youth are more confident, have higher self-esteem and have advanced leadership skills.

Cross-Cultural Consultations

Interacting with culturally diverse people while working across borders or traveling internationally can be a challenge for a person with limited cultural intelligence.

Children's & Youth Etiquette

Children’s etiquette has become a growing concern in the fast-paced 21st Century. Through role-playing exercises, we teach children and teenagers good manners and...

Good Manners will open doors that best education cannot. ~ Clarence Thomas

Business Etiquette

Etiquette is essential in the workplace. Etiquette intelligence skills empower individuals and companies who compete in the global arena.

Gift Certificates

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